by Kontra

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This is one of several songs I wrote in a drop tuning. The set is called "Stepping Down".


I've seen you groping for the way I feel
But some men are broken
Some men are choking on the ferris wheel
No kisses to steal

Caught in the places we've already been
With too many faces
We're running these races with ourselves again
Don't give in

Don't drink the water
Don't let the sure ones set your ways
Don't drink the water
We are the only ones to write our days

Before I ever kissed you had to call and say I missed you today
But girl I need to move like a runaway
Show me the way

Don't wanna hold along a perfect seam
I wanna see us unfolding
Yes, I have been told that I am hard to read
But I'm trying to speak

All of the boys says I don't see the score
I think they're feeding us poison
They're keeping the noise above a city roar
And we don't need this anymore


released November 13, 2014




Kontra Flagstaff, Arizona

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