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Bass by the incredible Nelson


Hate to say it but I'm afraid of the way that I don't think you've decided
I'm just stuck, I bring it up, but you've lost all of the ways you confided
You're looking tired as hell as well, like you've been swimming an ocean
And it seems like you've been thinking we're broken
Are we broken? Are we broken?

No, I don't wanna go nowhere without you
No, I don't wanna go nowhere that you can't be
No, I don't wanna grow able to doubt you and
No, I don't wanna grow up and out of symmetry

Even when I'm leaving the past is calculating behind me
So the back seat's full, but there's room for you baby beside me
We can get high, put your feet on the dash like none of this ever happened
I can be anything you want me to be to a T, but I can see that we're cracking






Kontra Flagstaff, Arizona

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